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How I will change society: Krisztina Kerekes

Krisztina Kerekes from Romania is a 19 years old girl. She grew up in a little town – Miercurea Ciuc – in Romania, between the Carpathian Mountains. Since she was a child, she wanted to be a doctor, to help people, to make their life happier, but when she grew up she realized that this desire is basically her need to be among people, to help them, to be in a community and bring changes in it.

Krisztina was selected for the project “European Youth at the frontlines of active citizenship: A Roadmap towards a collective South-North-East-West Momentum” organized by Volunteers Centre Skopje and supported by European Commission due to Erasmus + European Youth Together programme.

What is your project about?

– My goal with this project is to create a nonprofit association which promotes sport activities for teenagers and provides their mental health and wellbeing, connected with the Erasmus+ youth exchange projects, because in the present in my town and in the surrounding areas the teenagers have limited access to this kind of activities.

Why do you do this?

– In the first place I do this because it is a dream which can come true now by participating in a European project that is about active citizenship and every participant got the mentorship needed and also a budget of 1.000 EUR, two amazingly helpful things that can provide me to realize this dream.

Do you see this as a challenge?

– I don’t really see this as a challenge, more as an opportunity to make a change in my town, I see it as a chance for realizing all the plans that I have in my had with people who are helping me, because they have the same  purpose as me.

Why do I consider this project important?

– We are all living in a changing world, which is not changing with us fast enough to support us in a way how we need it, creating something for teenagers as a teenager is the best way to give them the things and experiences what they want and how they want it.

What are your objectives with this project?

– To create an NGO, to diversify the opportunities for non-formal learning in Miercurea Ciuc and in the surrounding area of the town.

What is your goal with this project, what do you want to reach in the future?

– I look forward to contribute the involvement of teenagers into the community, to increase the number of the active citizens among teenagers in my town. By creating this association I want to contribute also workplace for teenagers who want to develop themselves and the society as well, my personal purpose is to work with young people and to improve myself in as many ways as possible.

Krisztina Kerekes