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Greener than green

8-month EVS opportunity in Lithuania!

Do you want to finally learn the difference between Lithuania and Latvia? What better way than to go and to live in one of those countries?

Aukstaitijos national park and Labanoro Regional Park is looking for an 18-30-year-old volunteer for a period from April till December 2019. If you are all about nature and ecology, this is right around your corner. You will get to monitor wildlife of the park, which had diverse flora and fauna, site management and raising awareness among the local community would be some of your activities. You will get to work with children, organize cultural events in local centers and libraries, prepare and guide tours and events in the park.

If you are a wild child that loves spending time around lakes and forests, if small communities and calm, relaxing places are something that you seek for and you want to learn more about Baltic countries and northern Europe, you should definitely apply.

Send our CV and motivational letter in English to

Do it until the 8th of March.

Organization will contact only the shortlisted candidates