You are currently viewing From Insta posts to achieving your goals: training course “Social Media Support for NGOs” in Poland

From Insta posts to achieving your goals: training course “Social Media Support for NGOs” in Poland

Bojana, Marina, Marta and Marijana represented Volunteer Center Skopje at the training for the project: “Social Media Support for NGOs”, which took place from August 10 to 16 in Lublin, Poland. We share their impressions:

“We are all aware that we spend way too much time on social media, so why not turn it in so something positive? Looks like some people already have, those people met up in Nasutów and shared all their knowledge about social media marketing.

Nasutów is a picturesque place 20 minutes away from the popular student town of Lublin in Poland. Myself and the participants had no trouble adapting to the greenery that surrounded the home and the fresh air that we needed after a long day traveling.

We started on the 10th of July, the day was exciting as the participants were getting to know each other. The hosts made sure we all felt comfortable while we played different games to help remember each other’s names and hobbies. It worked! By the end of the day, after getting introduced to the program, we all felt like we know each other better. The following days were filled with fun activities in which all the participants got to share their skills about social media marketing and, of course learn from each other. Sunday was for exploring beautiful Lublin, eating traditional Polish food and shopping for souvenirs. The training was very informative, practical and the best part was that we all learned from each other. I learned that young people are passionate and willing to put in the work to achieve their goals, and social media is a practical way to get your idea out there. Listen to the youth, that’s where you find outstanding ideas.”

Bojana Neveselov

Project partner: Sempre a Frente