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Friends of Caretta Carettas

Hello dear friends,

My name is Nevin Kanzo and I am currently participating in the project that is happening in Antalya (Demre), Turkey. My project is a short-term project (57days). We are two participants from Macedonia and our main activity is protection of Sea Turtles (Caretta Caretta) in their hatchling season. Our volunteer’s daily tasks include:
– Observing a few kilometers long coastline;
– Protecting the area from possible threats;
– Marking the potential nests with special cages;
– Occasionally cleaning the beach

My host organization LIDOSK promotes intercultural learning and understanding, volunteerism, sport as a healthy lifestyle and environmental protection.

The impressions of this experience are simply unforgettable: being more aware of the environment, helping the community and the animals, sea turtles, and increased awareness of how to help save and protect the animals. Other aspect that matters is, of course, the cultural aspect. Turkey and its inhabitations are always warm, welcoming and ready to help you. Then comes the beauty of the nature, of the sea, the amazing historical sights of Antalya that are must to see and feel. I expect and the rest of my stay here to be in friendly and positive atmosphere.