Forum “Youth Cooperation Beyond Borders”

Тhroughout the three working days, the forum intended to open space for cooperation that will reach beyond the borders of Azerbaijan and succeeded. The youths who arrived from different corners of the world had this special opportunity to learn more about the biggest achievements and impact of the Youth in Action Programme, to explore the less successful goals that need to be improved, to initiate new friendships and partnerships with the rest of the participants and to explore the beauty of one the largest city in the Caucasus region, Baku.

During the forum representatives from different regions of the world, had a chance to discuss the major impact of YiA Programme in their countries and NGO’s as well as to compare the results. The pleasant surprise was Macedonia, as the most active user of this program in the SEE region, and the results is the big percentage of young people which are yearly involved in the non-formal educational process. These young people have proven that through this program they moved the borders of cooperation, tolerance, mutual understanding, intercultural learning and self-improvement. For that reason the message is clear, the YiA Programme will remain for the new generations, but under new logo and new name, which is just about to be launched. Forum “Youth Cooperation Beyond Borders”, 28-30 October 2012
Baku, Azerbaijan

Sanja Mihajlovska