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Final outputs of ZOOM IN ZOOM OUT!

Nothing starts and ends with youth exchanges.  Every youth exchange has follow up activities non-formal or informal. Do you remember our participants that were sharing knowledge and experience in What we did in ZOOM IN ZOOM OUT  ?

Yes, they were there and creating businesses plans that will make easier your professional life. You do not have to wait someone to employ you, you can be entrepreneur, in fact to be self-employed.

In addition you can find the brochure with the job done by the participants in the YE ZOOM IN ZOOM OUT!
Final product of the Youth Exchange “Zoom In For Your Job, Zoom Out For Your Business”, organized by ODEN Association, 19-29 June, 2018, Busteni, Romania. Project realized in the frame of Erasmus+ programme and co-financed by the European Commission.

Take a look and start your new pathway, for better future!