EVS stories

Through her work she is improving knowledge in science as biology, chemistry or physics as well as improving knowledge of Spanish. And what she is saying about her EVS town? “Malaga is a beautiful place and people are very nice. If you like to live by the sea and learn more about Spanish culture, I recommend to choose Malaga.”

Working at school Sf. Maria with children with mental or psychical disability, working in daily centre with Roma, Curcubeua or organizing charity event for children without parents there are activities of Darko who is EVS volunteer in Arad, Romania. Among these social activities he was also included in organizing international tennis tournament in Arad or he took part in two marathons organized by local NGOs and municipality in his EVS city. Moreover, last but not least he is promoting volunteerism at high schools. Arriving for the first time in İstanbul before three months ago İ was “yabancı” and my first destination where İ should go was “Balat”. İ came in İstanbul as “yabancı”, but since İ entered in the narrow streets of this historic İstanbul neighbourhood İ have experienced some strange feelings of shared energy and identity,…i felt myself like at home…Together with the other volunteers from the “Mavi Kalem”İ am preparing creative workshops for the children who are living in this neighbourhood, helping them to create different types of handicrafts. İ am also taking part in one interactive storytelling atelier where children are encouraged to develop their own storytelling talents. And if you are interested to see how EVS in Turkey can look like check out following video prepared by the EVS volunteers, including Jasmina from Macedonia.