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EVS in VCS: Valeria Ferrante & Igor Giammanco

My name is Igor and I come from Castelvetrano, a little town close to Palermo, Sicily. I am a very curious person, I like to discover new places, new people and new ways of life: I think is the most beautiful way to grow up! I am also a dreamer: I hope the world will become a better place and I would, in my own small way, to give my help for this to happen. For all these reasons (and many others) I decided to spend part of my life as a european volunteer. Furthermore, I’m 30 years old, this was my last chance! Last but not least: I am very happy to be in Macedonia, this extraordinary mosaic of stories and identities. Because I studied intercultural studies, I think it’s my place!

Hello!! I am Valeria and I am 26 years old. I am from a small town near Palermo, in Italy. I am graduated in Literature and Anthropology, and I am doing a First Level Master in Human Rights, Migrations and Development. About my hobbies and interests, I love every kind of art: music, theatre, painting and so on. The things I love more at all are the things that I don’t know yet. I like learn from both life and books. I consider myself a very curious and cheerful person. I think that volunteering in general is an important experience which everyone should do. In my hometown I recently became a volunteer for the Red Cross, but maybe it was not enough for me: I wanted to try an international volunteering experience to share my ideals with young people from all over the world.So here I am in Skopje, a surprising and intercultural city which I am learning to love. I even recently meet the amazing staff of the Volunteer Centre Skopje and I am sure we will establish a good level of cooperation. There are two main aspects which motivated me towards the EVS experience: the international and intercultural dimension, in which I can learn with the others and from the others (and this is from my anthropological nature) and the volunteering itself, which stimulates you to do something for people with fewer opportunities without waiting that something comes back. But in the end, I am absolutely sure that I will leave with a lot of things more than now: new skills and competences, new stories to tell and specially new wonderful memories.