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EVS in VCS: Raphael

Bonjour everyone, I’m Raphaël from France and more specifically from Montpellier, a beautiful and warm city in the south of France. I decided to become a volunteer in Macedonia because I needed to move away from university studies and to discover places which are different. So, as I already came in Balkans during some previous trip, I thought that Macedonia would be a very good idea. The project to work with the Voices magazine was fitting with my desire to continue to write and work, but I also wanted to make other kinds of experience as working with children. But an EVS is not only a project and a working time. Discovering new cultures, languages and people, is very important to keep an open mind. I want to explore the Macedonian culture and country as well. I also wish to discover some places in which I never been before. EVS is an opportunity which doesn’t appear everywhere in the world, that is why, as a unique chance, we have the duty to take the best of it. I want to share what I know and get more knowledge from the people which are around me. That is the spirit which is on the way to be forgotten and which built Europe.