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EVS in VCS: Quentin

Hi everyone,
My name is Quentin but no one can pronounce it so I already have a surname here. I come from a little place in north west of France, near to the sea and I’m here in Skopje during one year for my EVS project.  I like traveling, playing or listening music, watching movies and I’ll be happy to share any hobbies with everyone. Last two years, I was working in interim for a food industry and then I decided to spend one year in another country. I’m really interested in discovering new peoples, different culture and working with volunteers from all over Europe. This EVS projects is the opportunity I was looking for, and I hope it’ll give me a good professional experience and allow me to meet a lot of interesting people. Macedonia is quite unknown in France but we heard some things about Balkan’s culture so I thinks it’s perfect to discover a new country and learn more about Balkan’s way of life. I’m also really interested by working for VOICES magazine and give my support to children in Shutka. I’ll share my knowledge and skills with other people for those projects.