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EVS in VCS: Janis

Name: Janis
Country: Latvia
Dates of the Project: 13/11/2012- 13/11/2013
Hello everybody, my name is Janis and I come from a small Baltic country Latvia (it’s in the middle between Estonia and Lithuania, French call it Lettonie). I’ve finished a Bachelor studies on journalism so here on Skopje am both looking forward to put my knowledge on real work as well as to get new knowledge and the most important – experiences.  It has been a great pleasure to participate in the past international projects I’ve had and EVS seemed as a logical continuing of the great things life ensures before I get too old for that kind of stuff. Macedonia and Skopje, according to my predecessors and people who have just been here, is usually described as an interesting and breathe catching place what’s definitely worth being on. It has both something of European modernity and Balkan historical heritage what makes it great place to explore. I’ve never been to Balkans before so many things made me open the mouth on a surprise when I had a first walking tour here. I’m sure I will enjoy this beautiful country and open-minded people around and I’m looking forward to help the „Voices” project develop and be as wonderful as it can be for all the volunteers and organizers here. Though I’m more interested on journalistic part of the project, I’m open for other activities as well. As I’m here for one year long project, it’s also a good motivation to learn the local language that is always an interesting process and will perhaps be useful in the future too.