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EVS in VCS:Elise

Description of the Project: My main project is to work in a daily center for Roma children in Shutka 2 a week. Beside it I try to reach other organisations in order to work with them and breing some ideas, to work with roma women, organize cultural events etc… For the moment I still build my network of contacts etc, but I hope that soon I could start a real concrete work there. I have also the project to shot a short movie about multiculture, focus on the Balkans, and some other stuff, as participate to a DJ workshop, theater workshop etc… I spend my free time to get to know people and to discover Skopje, and the whole Macedonia, and still to go deep in the Balkan culture! Impressions of EVS: For me, the EVS is a great experience about life, because you have to be really indepedant and make everything by yourself. And you make things that really interest you, because you choose to make it. Also, this is a great experienc efor yourself, you learn a lot, about you as I said but as well about a completely new and different culture, about people… And that’s so nice because everyone can be part of it, you dont it to be graduated or rich, this is open for all the young of Europe! So for me EVS is an opportunity of travel and life not to miss!