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EVS in VCS: David

Hi I’m David from Poland. I live in Wroclaw, but I was born in Skopje. How I decided to come back in hometown as an EVS?
When I was visiting my friends in Skopje during the Christmas holidays, I met two Polish girls who were doing the EVS. I was curious to know what were their activities, how did they like Skopje, how did they come to Macedonia and why… And slowly, an idea start rising that maybe that’s a way for me I can choose to stay longer in Skopje, to get know the city better. I had already finished my studies, was at the end with the tour leader course, so I had free time to spend. The idea of volunteering I had somewhere in my head, but I didn’t do something more serious in that direction. I studied tourism, my master’s thesis I wrote was for tourism in Macedonia, so I always tried to be in connection with my birthplace and the love for country never left me. Well now this was a great idea to come and learn more about the Macedonia. Meanwhile I met ” македонско девојче ” and the decision came itself.