EVS in Slovenia: Aneta

L’Arche is a International Federation dedicated to the creation and growth of homes, programs, and support networks with people who have intellectual disabilities. Today, it is an international organization operating in 40 countries, and on six continents. My hosting organisation is Barka and is located in Slovenia. It is contained from two houses in which the members and assistants live, and workshops where the members are during the day working on activities which are most interesting for them. Also there are trips and walks where they communicate with the local environment and improve their socialisation and integration. My role is helping them during this activities, enriching their daily life, in workshops and house both.

My EVS till now… I am learning the beauty and the meaning of the project Let’s live and work together! I will finish with a thought of the founder of Barka – We create a hierarchy of the wonderful. How wonderful it would be if you welcome in your homes people of different opinions! Don’t be frightened of people who think differently. Greetings. Aneta Crvenkovska