EVS in Denmark

    On 4th of May we started our volunteering in Aarhus, Denmark. Our volunteering will take 12 Months, and our work is in one TV Station ITV (Aarhus Global Media). We are very glad that the TV station is equipped with the up-to date technology and the Colleagues are very outgoing and friendly, and always her to help, in order for us to grow professionally and learn a lot in this field. When we arrived at the Bus Station we were picked up by our 2 roommates. Laura and Celia, they come from Spain and are officially the first Volunteers here from European Union. We are located in Viby a neighborhood which is 30 minutes walking far from the beautiful city of Arhus. Which we really looking forward to explore through many events that we as a television will record and broadcast. To next reading, greetings from Branko and Ognen.   Branko                            Ognen