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EVS in Bulgaria: Return to the Balkans and it’s specific spirit

I am Elena and I took part as a short term EVS volunteer in Sandanski. Bulgaria is a neighbouring country of my homeland, and I’m sure you are so curiosity why I chose this project? First of all because in the last few years I was absent from my home area and I really missed this Balkan area and this special spirit. Also important and main goals: we were included in preparation in the Youth Balkan Festival. I am born in a small town so close to the border of Bulgaria and honestly I grew up in this Republic, only beautiful memories tie me here. But never before have I been to Sandanski, this is a town and a recreation center in south-western Bulgaria, part of Blagoevgrad Province. The town has a convenient location, mild to warm climate and a relatively high concentration of thermal water springs, which all make it a very popular destination for relaxation and recreation. For myself I will say that I am a travelling soul but after a long time wandering, I decided to go back somewhere when I will find peace. It is such a diverse and interesting project, a mix between improving and realising myself and my happiness!! I can experience all the different aspects of working, the role of the organization, cross implementation of events to their promotion on social media and discovering more about European projects.

In this short article I want to share the positive energy which I took from the EVS program, the challenges you may face and the positive aspects it brings to you. I finished my project, so it is nice to think back to when it all started. Also I can’t wait to see what will happen next!

One of the best parts of EVS for me is the big community of volunteers. You get the chance to meet so many people from all over Europe, there is always something to do, a place to visit, and obviously a fun night out! Being far from home is not always easy, but you will be surrounded by like-minded people and believe me, time will fly.

Elena Spasovska