EVS impressions: Vasko in UK

Believe me, there’s so so much to be seen in London, you don’t have time for the queeny and her waving.  You just walk to some impressive building, only to find out that behind it there’s one more, and behind that one, one more, and one more. There’s no end. All the way from the Buckingham Palace to Tower Bridge, every corner reveals something magnificent. And more than a million tourists on the streets that day, it was so massive. Saturday was a big day, as well. We organized a Macedonian evening for our hosts, with T’ga za Jug, Gazoza, lokum, smoki, ajvar, tavche-gravche, zelnik, shopska on the table in our living room.  The enjoyment and laughing was rounded with the guitar of our dear host, (my) mentor, frequent life savior and above all, great friend, Sean. Keep rocking, Sean, and don’t let the boiler beat you! It was a great evening, that one. The family together. OK, that would be it, I’m off to Leeds now. See you soon, Macedonians. Vasko