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EVS – 3 letters only – million stories! by Sanja Paunovska

On the very beginning I was afraid of this project, because it seemed (and it was) huge and I had no idea about media stuff, media equipment, I had no experience in that area at all and it was the main activity of the project. Actually that was the challenge and the reason why I accepted to take part in it. The pre-departure training encouraged me a lot.

Then the journey has started…first shock: no party people! Oh NO! L I had my best parties in Poland before. I couldn’t believe. Second shock: very busy working people, no time for coffee out every day. L Not again! Anyway, I decided to accept that. Even more helpful was the on-arrival training, I realized I’m not alone, there were 25 other EVS volunteers in Poland arrived in same time with me, it was great opportunity for making new friendships, sharing knowledge, ideas and experience, and we’re still in contact.

As I started with my volunteer work, I was provided with the necessary media trainings for camera operating, editing, production, audio, broadcasting and live streaming, so I felt more than ready to do this project and grab the new knowledge that was offering to me. The outcome was awesome, it was great feeling to watch my first video report, my first video clip for song, my first documentary video, my first broadcast…I could learn what I was interested in, I could experience what I wanted. The whole program was rich with trainings not only for the project, but for personal development as well, especially breaking stereotypes. Btw I was living in a private dormitory with my EVS colleague Gaby from France and 3 other Germans. They were my family there, we cooked together our national specialties and we had Macedonian-French-German “family’ lunch and dinner every Sunday. Of course, we were partying as well and we had time for coffee with our friends and colleagues. The shock I had was just the first 2 days, don’t judge by first impression. Did you notice the differences between EVS and the other programs? You haven’t applied for EVS yet? What are you waiting for?! I wish you to have great time like I did!