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Entrepreneurial Youths in Visual Media

,,Entrepreneurial Youths in Visual Media” was the topic of the youth exchange that was held from 26th of October to 04th of November in Balan, Romania. Representatives of the following countries participated in this youth exchange: Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, Slovakia and Bulgaria. The representatives of the Volunteers Center Skopje actively participated in the daily activities within the project in order to gain knowledge, creativity and to learn to think outside of the box. The purpose of this youth exchange was to introduce young people to the basic rules and steps in entrepreneurship, as well as making a marketing campaign by using Photography, Video-Making and Web-development. Also, the most important goal was to encourage young people to become entrepreneurs.  The representatives of VCS express their impressions:

Kristina: The first thought that went to my mind when I saw the call for this youth exchange was: What do I know about entrepreneurship? At that moment, I concluded that I should apply and along the path of non-formal education to learn something more. After completing the youth exchange, I realized that I gained many benefits. I learned a lot about entrepreneurship, photography, about other cultures and their tradition. I got a lot of new ideas for entrepreneurship, especially it means a lot to me that it helped me to understand what kind of entrepreneur I want to become.

Jeton: This youth exchange helped me to learn how to organize my time and responsibilities.
I’m so happy that I learned how to make a video for an advertisement and I realized how interested I am in this area. In the future, I would also like to professionally deal with making videos.

Aleksandar: This was first experience form me and it left me a great impression. Firstly, it helped me to get out of my comfort zone. Then, I learned a lot of things about how to make a marketing campaign that will help me to realize my future goals. I also learned a lot about other cultures and created a new friendship.

Antonio: I have always wanted to become an entrepreneur, but I thought it was a big step to take, that knowledge of the field was needed and I also faced with lack of ideas for realization. Thanks to this youth exchange, I gained knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, I got a lot of ideas and I am much more creative. While the most important thing is that I got encouraged to make my dream come true.

Authors: Kristina Srbinovska, Antonio Nikoloski, Jeton Vinca, Aleksandar Cvetkovski