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Elephants Swinging on a Spider’s Web

In a picturesque Sarata Monteoru-Buzau, Romania, the Erasmus+ training course “Elephants Swinging on a Spider’s Web” took place from the 3rd to the 12th of May. This innovative project was more than just training – it was a journey of learning, friendship, and sustainability that deeply affected everyone who took part in it.

Mile and Mario – a dynamic duo representing Volunteers Centre Skopje, were part of this initiative. Teaming up with partners from different organizations, they explored the connection between Erasmus+ projects and taking care of the environment. Their goal was to generate impactful ideas that promote learning while championing a more environmentally friendly world.

“Erasmus+ allowed us to connect to amazing people, get specific knowledge into project management and exploring creative and green options to engage people, which turn out to be far more effective when executed in practice. Some new project planning and structuring that I’m applying myself in my own projects, like self-evaluation techniques or forming an overall mental map of what needs to be done, expectations, and putting oneself in the applicant’s shoes.” said Mario.

During the training, the participants worked together on projects that were focused on sustainable living, strong connections with nature, and taking care of the environment. By taking part in a range of creative workshops, all participants gained practical skills that they would definitely integrate into their daily lives and work. From engaging discussions to role-playing and story-sharing, the project was a melting pot of activities that resonated with the participants.

The project wasn’t just about indoor activities – offering participants a chance to engage with the natural wonders of the area. A stroll to the “berca mud volcanoes” revealed miniature volcanoes, while a visit to a “slow food” fair showcased the delicious possibilities of eco-friendly dining. The adventure ended with a visit to a local place where they make wine. This showed them how to do things in a way that’s good for the environment.

After the project, participants carried not just memories but also a toolkit of innovative ideas and methodologies to drive sustainability in their work. These ideas are expected to spread beyond the project, making a positive and lasting impact. Additionally, being surrounded by experienced trainers and organizers provided them with more insight and potential future work partners and opportunities that they could rely on.


Training course was organized by AS. HAIR Redivivus Buzau-Romania