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Discover the five themes of YO!Fest 2018

This year, for the first time, Volunteers Centre Skopje is an official media partner organisation of YO!Fest.

YO!Fest is a youth event offering a wide variety of activities, including debates, idea labs, networking sessions, workshops and many more centered around the themes of the digital revolution, “calling for a fair share, European integration, social inclusiveness and the environment.

Here are the five themes presented by the festival :


Keeping up with the digital revolution

Can we all equally access technology? Who is being left behind? What can we do to bridge the digital divide? Is public policy able to keep up with the pace of the digital revolution? How is technology changing our education and the future of work? And how is technology affecting our relationships and mental health?

We need to look for ideas today to prepare for tomorrow. Follow VCS to see more about Yo!Fest 2018 and to discuss the digital revolution in an increasingly less analogue world.

Calling for a fair share

How do we remove discrimination from wealth distribution? How can we build a system that understands and tackles inequalities? How can we build a fairer society that offers an equal chance to everybody? And how can we make sure young Europeans have an equal playing field?

Follow VCS to see more about Yo!Fest 2018 and more about the new (and old) ideas that may be a solution to some of the equality issues being faced across the Union.


Working out for a stronger Europe

At a time when party politics is becoming less relevant to young people, does Europe need to change its approach? With the world of politics and public opinion changing, is this our opportunity to transform the way politics is done to ensure the voices and experiences of young Europeans are being heard at the highest levels? Are European institutions working for young people? Are decisions makers really aware the diverse experiences of young Europeans?

Follow VCS to see more about Yo!Fest and the bringing of young people together with world leaders, decision-makers, influencers and politicians to make sure everyone’s voice is listened to.

Staying alive in turbulent times

What role can young people play in protecting the European ideology, democracy and territorial unity? How can we build a more integrated Europe where everyone is welcome? How can challenge racism and have a honest and informed discussion about migration? How do we reconnect citizens and ensure young people aren’t being forgotten along the way? And how can we become part of the solution to reduce conflict and bring peace?

Follow VCS to see more about Yo!Fest 2018 where you can hear from some of the greatest minds in the world of international development and speak to decision makers about your experience of staying alive in turbulent times.

Protecting our planet

What steps can we take now to ensure future generations have a healthy and clean environment to nurture? Do we need to look at alternative economic models and measures of wellbeing that can help us look at our societies differently? Can Europe take a leading role in international negotiations on climate? How can we choose and promote sustainability and ethical production and consumption? How is technology changing the way we address environmental issues? How can we inspire people around the globe to take an interest in environmental issues and how do we ensure young people’s voices are heard in the process?

Follow VCS to see more about Yo!Fest 2018 where we talk about the pressing issues and what we can all do to ensure we are protecting our planet.