Ahead – organizations in favour of Europe

While Macedonia, Tunisia, Russia, Finland, Spain, Greece, Latvia, Italy and Germany were preparing presentations about their organizations, the host organization invited professionals to share their experience, working in intercultural filed with a lot of diversity.  Coming into the subject exchange of experiences around the development of organizations, intercultural adaptability, me and my dear colleague had a change to think how we can cooperate with the others and also to find our matches for future development. In the contact making evening we met employees of the host organization and had the opportunity to discuss about the possible contribution of each partner and also to see their work. Moreover, we visit the University of Jena where we had an opportunity to learn more about adaptive organizations – concepts and models of intercultural adaptive organizations during session leaded by prof.d-r. Groschke. Furthermore, we had one more chance to discuss about the need of diversity management and development of organization with prof.d-r. Naumann in the University of applied sciences.   We use this contribution from the professionals to think about our individual and organizational development and also contribution to each organization. Than we had nice conference where the topic was “the contribution of international youth work to the development of organizations and their intercultural opening up – (un)used potential”. Finally after all this meetings we had a change to develop our ideas with our potential partners involved in intercultural projects. Most of us had great ideas for future development of organizations, for intercultural learning and also promoting of cooperation and partnerships. We closed these working days with contracts of cooperation and development of the ideas. Moreover we had something interesting waiting for us the last day. The host organization jugendsozialwerk organized anniversary festivity for the families under the title: Tabaluga and the signs of time. Tabaluga is a well-known figure in Germany for 20 years. Tabaluga is a little dragon who experienced a lot of adventures. We had a lot of fun and experiences new things. The seminar end with a lot of kisses hugs and promises to see each other again in the future. 

Elena Davidovska