DALI4Youth – Digital Art for Learning, Inclusion, Creating equity & embracing diversity is a project targeting youth workers and young people, especially NEETs, who needs to be prepared to face the current needs of the youth sector after the COVID-19 pandemic, including a feeling of belonging to our society, more and improved digital skills, a higher level of creativity to adapt to the new reality and more awareness of the situation NEETs are experiencing. The project aims at boosting the skills, competencies, and knowledge of youth workers of ICT tools, to create inclusive environments in their daily practice. This initiative will also contribute to the generation of more positive feelings and attitudes in European societies towards these NEETs, often victims of stereotypes that lead to social exclusion. With the aim of improving youth work, the project will use digital technologies with a creative and artistic perspective to promote social inclusion, something that should be prioritized by any person, entity, or institution active in the youth field.

The project results will be online training kit for youth workers, which will help them through the whole process. 

Digital art is an innovative path that needs to be explored further: an artistic discipline providing the creativity and inspiration needed by the younger generations who seek to combine their place in the labor market and society with their high interest and motivation for new technologies.

After finishing this course, youth workers will be able to sympathize with the youth, reinforce their motivation, and self-esteem, and help them become more capable of entering the labor market and taking an active role in society.

The partners of the project are Ici et Ailleurs from France, Open Europe from Spain, Zini Foundation from Latvia, CRES from Italy and VCS from Macedonia.