Green red blue logo of a project FORZA

Fewer Opportunities Re-thinking Z to A – F.O.R.Z.A is a project aiming to initiate the strategic digital transformation of youth work and raise awareness about the entrepreneurial potential of social media marketing as a new form of youth employment. The project will have 3 digital educational resources:

Youth workers guide for digital social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities: This digital toolkit will offer resources in a form of written text and lectures targeted to youth workers and other practitioners like trainers or peer educators about creating personalized learning curricula based on the targeted group.

E-learning platform focused on Social Media Marketing: The e-learning platform will use theoretical, practical, and holistic approaches including free downloadable lectures, tips and tricks in a form of media products to explain the professional use of cameras and smartphones to produce high-quality media products, European legal framework of Intellectual Property Law in the digital media sector, media literacy and functioning of Social Media Marketing, with special focus on FB and Instagram using storytelling as a method.

Guide for troubled youth: This guide will equip youth workers with the skills and knowledge on how to approach troubled youth and will give a practical explanation of activities and methods that are proven successful in youth work.

The project is implemented by Ass. A Rocca and Way sas from Italy, Aproximar from Portugal, GrowthCoop from Spain and Volunteers Centre Skopje from Macedonia.

F.O.R.Z.A. is a project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union through the Italian National Agency.