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Welcome Yvan, our new volunteer from France

Bonjour ! My name is Yvan and I am 29. I grew up in Marseille for most of my life. I studied in Aix-en-provence when I was a student, a sunny cosmopolitan city located in the South East of France where people come from different backgrounds such as the Maghreb, Sub-Saharan Africa, Armenia or the Comoros.

When I grew older, I went studying at the faculty of Law and Arts at the same time in another town called Aix-en-provence, located north of Marseille. I studied Law and English language,  which helped me as a result to travel and so to understand the world better.

I went on following coursеs dedicated to European issues (European Law, Economics, Policies and so on) and obtained a Masters in this field.

My aim as a volunteer in Skopje is to promote mutual understanding among the people as I think borders between nations will – at least in some places –  progressively completely disappear. As a volunteer, I wish to play an active role in favour of more tolerance, inclusion and diversity in our societies.

Yvan Barbeau