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With Knowledge Against Sexual Health Taboos

Reflection from Kristina:
It is really wonderful how sometimes, when we least expect it, we get so much more than we bargained for out of some situation! When, for example, we are expecting to get a ‘seven’ at some exam, and you get an ‘eight’, or when you meet a new person, and end up being best friends with them, or when you submit your application for an internship, but get a job offer! Does any such situation come to mind to you at this moment? For me, it was the training course in Bar, the one I just came back from.
I was a complete novice in the world of training courses. I thought that the essence of training courses was merely to acquire more knowledge, to develop new skills, to expand one’s knowledge. That is why, when I was packing to go to this training, I packed a big bunch of notebooks, pens, colourful highlighters and bookmarks… I was prepared for a 10-day intensive study trip. Everyone who has ever been to a training course are probably laughing at me by now, but I really got so interested in the topic of the training, that I was reading articles on sexual health taboos, wanting to be ready for the training! And then I arrived at the hotel in Bar, where the rest of the participants had already arrived before me. It took me no longer than the first breakfast to realise how delusional I had been! I found myself in a room full of friendly faces, cheerful smiles, people willing to talk and hang out, and ready to party. The first session was unforgettable, fraught with games, fun, laughter, jokes, and so were the remaining 9 days.
Every aspect of this training course was perfect. The organisation was impeccable, the trainer – inspiring, the topic – hot and steamy, the discussion – fervent, and the company was über-fun, both during sessions, and during parties. However, for me, the best part of the course were the new friendships. I strongly believe that long-lasting friendships are formed during such a training, because when you spend 24 hours a day for 10 days with someone, you just have to get to know them very well. You learn their opinions during sessions, you share your meals with them, you party hard together, you hang out during spare time, you get comfortable around them, and so imperceptibly you become great friends. At the end, you just want to put them in your luggage and take them home! And sometimes, you actually can! Reflection from Aleksandra:
Every journey is another self acknowledgement at the same time, over and over again we discover new parts of our being together with with our fellow travelers and the ones we meet along the way. I always have expectations when it comes to seminars and training courses that include participants from more countries, this time 15 and that fact added pressure on me. How is it going to be with 30 participants with 15 different cultural background, like the subject wasn’t sensitive enough “ With knowledge against sexual taboos”. I put my expectations on hold at that moment and obviously excited I let myself into another adventure, to meet, learn and have fun with it. After 10 hours train ride which is a story by itself I arrived in Podgorica from where later that evening the rest of the group gathered and all together we went to Bar. This was the beginning of 10 days of flawless productivity and fun.
We had a trainer who was very professional but non the less friendly and committed to his job and there is nothing better than doing your job with love and that energy spreads around so easily that makes an invisible perfect circle (a term that is widely used on TC’s) between all people included. The subject of the TC and the methodology were not new to me but I was positively surprised by the approach and I easily fit into the scheme of this course. You know how it is when you are at a TC where every energizer or get to know each other game is followed by eyes rolling and whining? – Well, that was not the case here.
Besides the sea and breathtaking view of the snowy mountains on one side and sea horizon on the other side, it was impossible not to have everything done from the agenda every day. A lot of things left unsaid because of lack of time so the debates would continue even on so much anticipated coffee breaks. Honestly of all the seminars I’ve been too and they’re all different in organizational advantages and disadvantages, at the end of the day most important was my own satisfaction with what I’ve done and then follows the good company that makes the good working and fun atmosphere. That’s the recipe for successful TC, when you can see the productivity in  the tired eyes of participants and yet willing and full of energy for hanging out all willing to get to know each other. The goal is reached plus 30 content, active, creative and hard working young people. When you get back home you can’t stop sharing all the jokes and anecdotes and experiences to your friends and that’s how they become interested in the subject and here’s every TC follow up activity “spread the word” and the circle keeps on spreading and you know you’ve made the good choice of taking part in it.