You are currently viewing Welcome Sascha, our new volunteer from Germany!

Welcome Sascha, our new volunteer from Germany!


My name is Sascha (not Alexander! Yes, Sascha is a real name in Germany) but my friends call me Snorre. I am from Magdeburg/Germany.

After almost ten years of voluntary-work in the field of non-formal youth-education, telling school-kids how useful and awesome a long-term mobility-experience is, I finally got to making such an experience myself (which is about time ‘cause I’m already 29).

I am a very versatile and open-minded person who’s always up to learn new things and meet new people, cultures and languages. Due to my passion for travelling I got deeper and deeper involved in international projects over the last years and met a lot of awesome and inspiring people. Since 2016 I ended up in different Balkan-countries for several times and I always found myself in a very fascinating environment. So did I when I first visited Skopje on an educational-trip in 2017 and when I left I kind of already knew that this won’t be my last time in this wonderful city. So here I am. Again. J

Even though we’re all different and unique we (the humans of earth) have a lot in common and instead of segregating each other along national or religious boundaries we should rather think of what we can achieve if we act together and how we can live together on this world peacefully.
I think every single one of us can (and should!) do their part to contribute to creating a better society. Therefore I am very happy and excited to be given the opportunity to share my knowledge, perspectives, ideas and positive views in this project and start a new process of mutual learning.

And always remember: Have a good time – all the time!