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Welcome Dogukan, the new volunteer from Turkey!

Merhaba! I’m Doğukan, 23, from Turkey. I live in Cappadocia (air balloons, fairy chimneys…) in Turkey. I study primary school teaching at Nevsehir University and I have 1 semester to graduation. I realized in my first year at university that people can do crazy things just his/her youth. So, I leave my comfort zone and I’m here. I live in a different country, speak a different language, eat different foods. Differences make us stronger.

People can learn something at universities but we know as a youth that we can learn all of them with books. I’m here to learn something I can’t learn with books. Each people here are different books and I will learn many things from them.

I’m one of the volunteers of Turkish Educational Volunteers for 3 years, I like being a volunteer because help people (especially children) without any expectation feels useful and make me happier. I like learning new things like a new language and I’m a mentor of 6 students at my university. Basically, I share my experiences (local and international projects that I attended and study English)

When I’ll be a perfect dad (I hope), I want to tell my kids’ real stories, not a girl with 8m hair but people like volunteers here who try his/her best to help people without any expectation. Happiness is inside our hearts.

I’m interested to start my 10 months ESC in VCS!

Dogukan Sever