Volunteers Centre Skopje become a member of the European Youth4Media Network e.V.

On 8th October 2012 in Lublin, Poland was held the annual General Assembly of the European Youth4Media Network e.V. on which was present a representative of Volunteers Centre Skopje. On this General Assembly, Volunteers Centre Skopje officially was elected as a new member of the European Youth4Media Network e.V. European Youth4Media Network e.V. is giving young people a voice through digital media. It is a European association of 40 organizations from 27 countries working in the field of community media and civil society.The member organizations form the active European network of communities, youth institutions as well as culture- and media- centers, being places for communication and civic engagement. Together, the youngsters of the European partner institutions organize cross-border networks of youth media work. They promote political and intercultural dialogue by means of audiovisual media. We have a wide range of activities on local as well as on the European level. The main spheres of activities include: Political and media education, Intercultural dialogue projects, Training and exchange of experts of the youth media work, European awareness, advocacy for community media development in Europe, International youth cooperation.