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VOICES March 2020

As the spring gets closer, this edition of VOICES is bursting with topics full of light, love and questions. The topic of the month will take you deep into the world of tattoos, maybe so deep that you’ll end up taking one on your own skin! And one of the most essential things in life, love. Can one explain it? One can definitely be P.R.O.U.D. of it, as you can find out by reading the ERASMUS+ article. You’ll also find a story of love for photography in its purest authenticity. Not forgetting the importance of loving and respecting yourself.

Our new volunteers will tell you how to effect on your first impression and why it matters while encouraging you to travel the world and the seven seas by sharing experiences of settling in unknown territory. Read interesting insights from an ERASMUS+ kick-off meeting that took place in Skopje, Macedonia.

And if the Sun isn’t high enough yet, brighten your day by reading some quotes we have chosen, to give you inspiration and warmth for the soul while waiting for the spring to begin. In the meantime, if you have nothing to do, wake up your creativity, take a computer and write an article for the next edition of VOICES!