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VOICES January 2020

The end is the new beginning. With every new year coming people are still not done with new hopes, plans, fantasies, dreams, ideas… VOICES team is joining this global enthusiasm and we can promise you that we are not slowing down with fantasizing!

But first, let us take you to ancient times of Sámi people. Have you even heard about them? Later on we are coming back to our times to brainstorm about the orientalism of 21st century. In this edition of VOICES, except travelling in time, you can also travel to different places in very personal stories of our writers. Dracula castle in Romania, Rome, Barcelona, Nice… just to come back straight to Struga and Skopje. Don’t worry, we have a perfect travel for physics lovers also – you can read about the famous theory of everything. If you like languages, one of our articles is about endangered ones. Have you ever wondered why languages are disappearing and how many of them is gone already?

So, go on with your imagination. Don’t forget to share a smile on the way. And don’t forget to read – you may learn something random but how illuminating and taughtful!

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