The event that changed my life

He gave me enough arguments to question my beliefs. Thanks to him, and my instructor for transcendental yoga, I realized the truth. Not seeing and ignoring the truth doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Also I have seen a lot of videos and I made the biggest change of my life, becoming a vegetarian which led me to the path to become an activist for animal rights. I also met a young entrepreneur. I was motivated by her speech so I am working on a business plan that I want to place on the market. I hope to succeed one day. I’ve always wanted to be involved in business but to success in Macedonia by yourself is very hard. However, money or time is not the most important resource Nowadays – it is the information. The knowledge is your biggest weapon and if you know how – you will succeed. Beside that, I met other people who dedicated their life to change the world. People – fighters for rights of any kind: for homosexuals, for sick people… No discrimination is their logo. Than I decided to join in non – profit organizations and make this world a better place – even for a little, even for a while. I found my new life name – volunteer. In life, there are lots of doors to open. You can never know what is behind those doors. But, if you do not open it, you will never know. So, knock on every door because, on the other side you might find something that can change your life forever.   Ana Ilievska