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Marko’s Monastery cleaned from garbage

VCS staff and our volunteers together with the colleagues from “Za pocista Makedonija” (“For the cleaner Macedonia”) cleaned around Marko’s Monastery near Skopje. We collected twenty bags of waste, mostly plastic and food scraps.

This place is commonly used as the picnic spot, especially during long weekends. The nature gives us comfort and lets us rest from the city noise, but we tend to forget to take care of the nature. First and foremost, it is a responsibility of each of us to clean up the rubbish behind us. Our team went there this Monday with the aim to clean the area from the trash left behind by many and to remove the autumn leaves covering the ground. The results were outstanding; nature cleaned from tons of rubbish and decomposing leaves started to show up the true colors again. And we are hoping that it’s gonna stay like this and more people will put the efforts to keep it clean and nice.

Do not look for a man for example – be one of them!

The action was part of the project: “European Youth at the frontlines of active citizenship: A Roadmap towards a collective South-North-East-West Momentum” organized by Volunteers Centre Skopje, and supported by the European Commission through the programs Erasmus+ and European Youth Together.