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EVS in VCS: Maja Mestek


Hi,My name is Maja Mestek ,  I come from a central European country called Slovenia. It is very small but our landscape is amazing and very diverse. Among other things we have beautiful mountains, cost line, caves and lakes. Thanks to our incredible athletes, people don’t mix us up with Slovakia that much as they used to. As it goes for me, I am very active person too. One of my biggest passion is dancing and in my free time I do a lot of acrobatic yoga. I want to  travel as much as I can, love to spend time in nature and read books or watch movies. When I am stressed out I cook or bake. I can’t imagine life without music. Otherwise I am very optimistic, open-minded and honest person who laughs a lot and is always prepared for an adventure. I can be very creative and most of the time feel great when I can socialize. In last year I spend quite a lot of time volunteering because I soon learned that even though the payment doesn’t come in a form of money it is in fact much more valuable. I like trying new things so I really didn’t want to miss an opportunity to do EVS. The most important factor while choosing the project, was to do something with kids. I love them because they are so honest and direct and they have this amazing enthusiasm that many people lose on their way to the adulthood. I am sure this is going to be one of the greatest experience for me and I believe I will gain some incredible new friendships that won’t end with this project. I am happy I came to Macedonia because of it’s amazing nature, good food and warm, friendly people. I feel very welcome here and can’t wait to start working in the center for Roma kids.