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EVS in VCS: Anouk

Description of the project:
I am writing for a magazine for young people that is called VOICES. The monthly issue of the magazine is published in 3 languages; English, Macedonian and Albanian. The EVS volunteers work together with the local volunteers. Each edition has one main topic, the other articles concern EVS, what is happening in Skopje and in the rest of Macedonia, music, films, travels any many other things. I am currently curiously waiting for our Voices Summer Edition! A few times a week I also volunteer at the Daily Centre in the neighborhood of Kisela Voda. It is a center for children of the street. We make art works together or play games. The children are very creative and I like going there a lot! Impressions of EVS:
EVS is a great opportunity to get to know a country from the inside. I often work together with Macedonians and learn a lot about the Macedonian culture. At the same time I get to know other countries through other volunteers. EVS challenges your creativity and gives you the opportunity to realize your own project. It is also a good chance to get to know yourself better.