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Call for the Youth Exchange in Slovakia!

Volunteers Centre Skopje is looking for 8 participants/volunteers and 1 group leader from Macedonia who wants to participate together with people from Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary – in the Youth Exchange “Break a leg!”- A1 in Pocuvadlianske Jazero, Slovakia.

Date:  23.8 – 3.9.2020

!! There might be possible changes regarding the project dates depending on the current situation with COVID-19

Place: Chata Lodiar, Pocuvadlianske Jazero, Slovakia

About the project:

This project consists of two mobilities. The first mobility-A1 will take part in Slovakia, where 40 participants can stimulate their creativity, thought process and experience learning through theatrical instruments while acquiring the basics skills of theater and assessing where they’ll fit best for the following stages of the project. (The second mobility-A2 will take place in Romania, at the Black sea where 40 participants, vast majority from the first part of the mobility, can create an entire play.)

The objectives of this Youth exchange are to give an opportunity for the participants to work in an intercultural ensemble, to develop competences in oral language and expressive mechanisms, to develop understanding in psychological and moral analysis of a character and learn the elements of stagecraft and production and to create a theatrical play from 0, involving all participants, to be played in front of a live audience and recorded as an output for DEOR.

The desired short-term outcome is to successfully stimulate creativity, self-knowledge, self-expression and inclusion for all participants, and experience the benefits of learning through theatrical instruments while acquiring the basics skills of theatre and benefit from the experience of creating an entire play and playing it in front of people.


  • should be between 18-23 years old
  • 1 group leader, age over 18
  • no need for good English skills
  • should be initiative and eager to learn, develop and improve to empower to take action regarding their current situation and future
  • should be interested in theatre as well as in the topic of directing, recording and putting together the elements of a theater play.

The project is funded by ERASMUS+, so all travel costs will be reimbursed according to the ERASMUS+ regulations (275,- Euros for Macedonia). Food and accommodation will be provided.

For further detail check out the: INFOPACK

and send motivation letter answering the following questions:

Who are you? How old are you? Why do you want to participate? How do you want to contribute to the project?

…and CV (in English) to:

Application deadline: 13.7.2020