* Summary: * “The center for elderly people Lefkas” will host one EVS volunteer in order to realize a joint project of solidarity and cultural cooperation for local development * Project volunteer activities: * – Organizing handicraft workshops for group of 40 elderly people at the center for elderly people Lefkas, physical exercise, intellectual and cultural activities, group discussions, review of daily newspapers, but also outside activities in order to maintain the connection of life with external environment. This activity is part of the social, cultural, communication and human sphere, and their main goal is to raise awareness about what means to be a European citizen. – Continuing the work of the “Orange” cultural bar which was formed by previous volunteers at the Center for care of elderly people Lefkas. “Orange” bar has become a cultural meeting place, a favorite gathering space for old people at the Center where they enjoy, have fun and interact with their families, youth and local community. On the other hand, the project activity will be beneficial to the community Lefkas, local development and strengthening of solidarity. Trough the proposed project activities the volunteers will be able to gain personal, social and technical skills that will be useful for their future careers. The project offers a unique experience of intercultural, social and pre-professional level. During the activities, they will work together and in close cooperation with other volunteers and various organizations and cultural institutions in the region. * We urge all interested youth aged 18 to 30 years to send CV and cover letter no later than 13.08.2012 to the following e-mail addresses: and * The selected candidate will be contacted and interviewed as soon as possible. * If you need more information please contact: