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Borjanka: EVS in Arad

I am Borjanka from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. Currently, I’m EVS volunteer on a project in Arad, Romania, which I found through ’’ Volunteers Center Skopje’’. The EVS project is called ‘’Outdoor Alternatives’’ and it lasts from February to July. Our activities include working in a forest, in the ‘’Corcubeu’’ school where we teach children things about our own country and culture, and we do it through games and music, as well as working in a pony club. We started working in the forest by making a road for riding bikes and this will take 2 months.

I like Arad, there are many good areas to visit (things to see), and I especially liked the road by the river. As soon as I arrived, everyone has been very nice and friendly to me. So far, everything has been great, and I hope it will stay that way till the end of my project in here.