Do you want to know more about Creativity? Do you want to find out more about Creative writing and the techniques for creative writing? Volunteers Centre Skopje gives you great opportunity for this. Actually, we will organize workshop about Creative Writing which will happen in two sessions on 14. November in 17.30h and 15. November in 18.30h in the office of Volunteers Centre Skopje, Emil Zola street no. 3/2 – 3 Skopje (in Kisela Voda near the place called Stara Rampa). In these two sessions which will be 60 minutes long we will introduce with the term Creative writing and altogether will try to define it, and after we will introduce many new tools and methods which are very useful for writing articles, essays, novels and poetry. Please come, it will be very interesting! We are expecting you! The participation is for free but limited to 12 participants, so please confirm your attendance to our e-mail: