Challenge 1
Interview with 5 close people about active citizenship

1.Do you vote regularly?

– I have not missed a single election since I have the right to vote, and I would not miss it in the future. I see it as an obligation.
– I usually vote and I think that everyone who doesn’t know or is not sure who to vote for, shouldn vote by making random choices.
– I don’t vote because I’m still underage.
– Yes, I do vote regularly
– Yes, I vote regularly.

2.Do you regularly complain about the government?

– Criticism of people in power is necessity, and it’s a task of the opposition and other parties. I criticize, I hope without exaggerating.
– Not really, but I am not a huge fan of how the Government works.
– I do, sometimes.
– Yes, I do complain about the government.
– Not all the time but I complain about the government especially about the education system.

3.Do you pay taxes?

– Maybe a day or two later, but regularly. I like my internet fast and my account clean.
– Yes, always regularly and on time.
– I dont, it’s still not my responsibility, but I would love in future to be on time with it.
-Yes, we do pay taxes.
– Yes also we pay the taxes regularly.

4.Do you recycle?

– My family puts the plastic in a special trash can, and of course I did that too, even though the truck collects the rubbish and throws it in one place, but since I’ve been living in a building, all the waste goes to one place, I would prefer to sort the waste but recycling is not just in our hands.
– Not really, but if I had the chance I would.
– I do.
– I don’t recycle, because there are no recycling facilities nearby.
– I’m trying to put the trash in specific bins but not always.

5.Do you donate blood?

– I will donate blood when I will stabilize my hemoglobin level. I should eat my spinach.
– I haven’t had the chance yet, but I will for sure.
– I don’t, but I would like to donate blood and save someone’s life.
– I donate blood from time to time.
– Yes, I do.

6.Have you ever volunteered in the community or for a cause?

– I have volunteered many times in different communities and organizations. Although I consider volunteering as an important thing for the community and the individual as a volunteer please distinguish wasting time and achieving a goal.
– Yes, I have.
– Yes, I am a volunteer in Red Cross.
– I have volunteered in different activities.
– Yes, I’m volunteering whenever I have chance.

7.Have you participated in demonstration?

– I have participated in a demonstration. I don’t mean on kind of a demonstration how to turn on the laptop and use the internet(and I have demonstrated that one at home too).
– I had participated once, but I fully encourage any type of demonstration as long as I think that the citizens are demonstrating for something that feels right for everyone that’s included in it.
– I haven’t.
– I have not participated in a demonstration.
– No, I haven’t participated in a demonstration.

8.Do you consider yourself an active citizen?

– Maybe the answers above can give you the answer to this question. If we follow the same definition of an active citizen, we may agree, but fundamentally I do not like definitions.
-I wouldn’t exactly describe myself as an active citizen.
– No, I’m not an active citizen.
– I do consider myself an active citizen.
– Yes, I consider myself as an active citizen.

Challenge 2
Find yourself in the TED videos

Honestly, I find inspiration for certain activities all the time. while I’m in city transportation or listening to my favorite podcast. I can’t single out one or two videos that are my leading inspiration for starting something new. I am often inspired by personal stories such as the one of Helen Keller. I believe that we are not just genes and we are not just a product of the society. probably a combination of both. I believe that there is more good in people than bad. I love people. I believe in people, it is my eternal motivation to work in the field of mental health and for all the activities I undertake.

Challenge 3
Introspective: Your good characteristics

Some of my positive qualities are: creative, communication, leadership skills, ambitious, open-minded, dedicated.

As for this challenge, I used some tools and tests (exmp.persona) that I had encountered before and worked on during my studies. considering the conclusions, whether I like them or not, my weaknesses are definitely organization and paper work. while as far as my good sides are concerned, creativity and communication. They are big advantage of the project because much of the achievement of goals depends on my communication with the participants and the way I will slowly introduce them to the topic, goals and activities.

Challenge 4 
Make a search plan and vision

Action plan

The goal of this  project is to teach youngsters about  techniques for recognizing stress, stressful situations and considering their further effects and influences as well as recognizing the consequences of emotional stress transfer on partner relationships. Before it with proper promo material and also after it with final event and final evolution.

Matrix for action planning

I will organize workshops for learning about stress and the influence of stress on the partner relationships.

In Prilep and Debar also other locations for shooting the promo video. Hopefully this summer, depending on the situation at hand.

The people that will be part of this project will have chance to learn how to improve their mental health and to forward those information to people who also need them too.

Challenge 5
Research the SCARF model

Activates threat

Activates reward


Increased stress and his influence on the social status and social relationships.

Provide regular positive feedback

Draw attention to incremental improvements


Review of possible symptoms of anxiety and depression caused by stress.

Discuss possible situations and desirable outcomes

Break down overwhelming choices into manageable steps(anxiety)


Learning about self awareness and self-confidence and self –consciousness and self- consciousness emotions.

Encourage the participants to see the positives in their situation

Help the participants identify factors they are in control of

Make links between these and things they want to change


Learning about the influence of stress, anxiety and depression on the social contacts and social communication.

Encourage them to build new friendships and connections with new people

Maintain regular contact after the workshops and continue the work online


-the disappearance of introspection

Talk to the participants about why comparisons are important to them

Get them to reflect about successes they have had and how others might have felt

Use modelling; encourage the participants to identify action others are taking

Challenge 6
Burning bowl ceremony

Challenge 7
Find or create your spiritual master

I would like to have the wisdom of Tom and Jerry together, the serenity of Bodhidarma, the graciousness and beauty of Katie Mc Grath. I would like to think rationally, quickly and strategically as my friend Sara, revolutionary spirit as Che Guevara, to be trustworthy as my ex, courage and faith of Hellen Keller, creativity of Stanley Kubrick, to have travel experience as Marco Polo and knowledge of Albert Bandura.