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Small girl for big projects: welcome Clarrisa from Germany!

An unexpected breakup and the wrong job choice brought me to Macedonia: Now I am living my dream.

Four months ago I went to a German high school. I enjoyed the comfort of a well-structured life. After my graduation, I faced sudden changes that were difficult to cope with. In a moment of distress, I decided to try out a new perspective. I had no image of Macedonia before coming here so I took the biggest risk of my life and trusted my faith to turn around my life for the better.

So here I am and I can finally introduce myself. To everybody reading this: hey there, my name is Clarissa and I am both the newest and the youngest volunteer (19 years old) in the group. I will be a volunteer for Volunteers Centre Skopje for a year, working in journalism and youth work.

I grew up in a tiny town in southern Germany at the Lake of Constance. From a young age on I was fascinated with other cultures and countries. Most of my school time I spent on exchanges all over Europe. Everybody has a story to tell and I am enthusiastic about hearing them.

I am an ambivert. I am an eternal optimist. I appreciate life for its little joys like spending the day at the lake, reading a good book, enjoying food and drinks with kind people, spending long and spontaneous nights out, and getting to know new people who broaden my horizon.

I’ve been in Macedonia for four days and it already feels like home. Yes, I am overwhelmed to be here. But this is the feeling I was unknowingly looking for all the time. People seem to have a different mindset about life here. Time passes differently because people are more relaxed and still take time for others. Being here brings me the inner peace I needed.

What I look forward to are the experiences I will gain in journalism and youth work. I am excited for the people, the nature, the food, and the different outlook on life. What more could you ask for?

Clarissa Leute