Petar Stevanovic

Challenge 1
Interview with 5 close people about active citizenship

1.Do you regularly vote?

Yes, every elections (male, 23)
Yes, since I’ve reached the legal age (male, 30)
Yes (female, 23)
Yes (male, 27)
Yes, unless I’m out of the country. I wouldn’t arrange to come back especially for elections if I’m somewhere abroad (female, 31)

2.Do you regularly complain about the Government?

Yes, because every government can do better than what they do (male, 23)
When they don’t do their job properly yes, but generally no (male, 30)
Not really, because people gonna think I may take sides… (female, 23)
No (male, 27)
Yes, on daily basis (female, 31)

3.Do you pay taxes?

Always (male, 23)
Yes (male, 30)
Yes (female, 23)
My employer does (male, 27)
Always, I’m never late (female, 31)

4.Do you recycle?

I’m trying to do my best (male, 23)
Yes (male, 30)
In Macedonia no, except for some supermarkets like Ramstore, if they have a place to recycle… If u count that?  (female, 23)
Rarely (male, 27)
Not as much as I would want to. Mostly paper at this time (female, 31)

5.Do you donate blood?

Yes, when I have chance (male, 23)
Regularly (male, 30)
No, but I would, I haven’t had a chance until now  (female, 23)
No (male, 27)
No, I have an autoimmune disease and I’m not allowed (female, 31)

6.Have you ever volunteered in the community or for a cause?

No, but I would like to (male, 23)
Yes, local youth club and Red Cross organization (male, 30)
Yes, I did more in high school then now (female, 23)
Yes (male, 27)
Yes, many times (female, 31)

7.Have you participated in a demonstration?

Yes, few times (male, 23)
Yes, multiple times (male, 30)
Yes (female, 23)
Yes (male, 27)
Yes (female, 31)

8.Do you consider yourself an active citizen?

Yes, pretty much (male, 23)
I believe so (male, 30)
Not really. I should be more (female, 23)
No (male, 27)
Yes (female, 31)


How did your interviews go?

– My interviews were pretty good, all of the people that I took for my survey accepted to answer the questions. I selected people from age 20-35 years, who are active in different areas in life.

Do you find that most people understand what it means to be an active citizen?

– Well they have different answers from what I can see, but most of them are in the second stage of the scale of active citizen. They are all personally responsible citizen.

Did some answers surprise you? Why?

– Yes. Some of the answers of the question “Do you consider yourself an active citizen?” because I didn’t expect people to know what it is to be and active citizen, and consider themselves as an inactive citizen.

Were there some interesting quotes from your interviewees that you would like to share?

– Yes, the answer from the question: “Do you regularly complain about the Government?” “- Yes because every government can do better than what they do.” This same applies for the citizens. We all can do better than what we are doing now.

Challenge 2
Find yourself in the TED videos

“I have found a great inspiring TED Talk video that changed my way of thinking about the “untouched” nature. It’s called Nature is everywhere — we just need to learn to see it.

And also I have found a pretty simple explanation video about why hiking is good.”

1. What do you like about this video?

What I liked about the first video is that I never saw the national parks like something that is usually tamed from the people, that what I thought was wild it’s not really what wilderness is.

In the second video I like the creative way of explaining the health benefits of hiking.

2. Did you get some ideas for your project?

From the first video I would like to share with the people that are going to be involved in my project, what is real wilderness and what we consider as wilderness. Also how to take care of the wild that we are enjoying, and to respect the people whose job is to tame that wilderness for us.

From the second video I got inspiration about how to present my idea through a creative video, and also to explain what it’s going to be all about.

Challenge 3
Introspective: Your good characteristics

What are some personal qualities, characteristics, virtues that you have?

Well, people always tend to believe they have more positive qualities than what they actually have, but I will try to be humble and choose few that I really think I possess.

Few positive qualities that I possess: Adventurous, persistent, dedicated, serious, calm, spontaneous, tolerant, cautious and honest.

How do you think you can use some of these characteristics to your advantage while working on your project?

Well first of all if you want to spend some time hiking in the mountains, what you really need to be is adventurous, which I am and I think I can motivate other people to be also.

Persistence is the key to achieving your goals/dreams. Sometimes you can get demotivated about the thing you need to do, but you must know that persistence is what gets the job done.

Dedication goes together with the persistence. You must dedicate yourself to the project or the dream you have to fulfill it, that often means having the vision clear before it all happens.

People usually tell me I am serious, I don’t really think that way but it’s good to be serious when you want to get the job done. So for making my project successful I need serious people who will work with me and understand my vision… Of course after the serious job is done, the party can start!

I will talk about calm and tolerant together, because you need both to solve some problems when they appear. No one wants hot headed solutions. People really lack on tolerance, and I think I can help them to understand how important it is to be tolerant with the people you work, with the nature, with the plans that you had (if they go wrong), and also to know what is going over the tolerance, and how to solve it.

Spontaneous is all about getting the project interesting while working on it. Spontaneous ideas are the best ones!

I am usually cautious about the steps I make in life; I almost always know what they will cost me. I really need to be cautious about this project when it’s the time to be realized, because there might be people who are going to be first time hiking in the mountains, with weaker health conditions, and I will need to make sure that they arrive at the peak safe and sound.

The last and not least: honesty. I am always honest with my intentions that can be seen in the way I will present my project. That also means I will ask all the participants to be always honest with the intentions why they joined the project, and to make sure they understand my message and spread it across the people they hang out with.

Challenge 4 
Make a search plan and vision

Challenge 5
Research the SCARF model

The SCARF model involves five domains of human social experience: Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness and Fairness.

Status is about relative importance to others.
Certainty concerns being able to predict the future.
Autonomy provides a sense of control over events.
Relatedness is a sense of safety with others, of friend rather than foe.
Fairness is a perception of fair exchanges between people.

Can the SCARF Model be applied to your project?

Yes, the SCARF model can be applied to my project. I believe the model can be applied, because I need to be aware of the status/importance to others. I see my project as something that should concern everyone, from youngsters to older people.

Right now it’s not the best time to realize the project, because of the pandemic that we are facing. We need some time to pass so the world can “normalize” again. So I might use this model when we have less strict measurements, and see how it can help me with my project.

Challenge 6
Burning bowl ceremony

I no longer want to see:

– People who are lazy and don’t take care of their mental and physical well being.
– People who don’t take care of the nature.
– People who destroy the nature.
– Non-properly educated lads.

Challenge 7
Find or create your spiritual master

I would say that my spiritual master is Sidarta Gautama – Buddha.

I choose him because I like (and I try to follow) he’s teachings. Even before I knew about him, it was in my nature to behave like what he is teaching people to behave. One of the main quotes that got me thinking is:

“Life can never satisfy us because we always want more, the only way to achieve peace is to stop wanting”.

This cannot directly help me with my project, but what I believe is that if we teach the youngsters about eastern philosophies, maybe we can put a good seed in their heads that can grow into a beautiful plant full with empathy, common sense, healthy thoughts, self awareness etc.