Cool Sword: Remember Episode 297 494

(Mandrake himself also attends.) Cycle of Revenge: Of a sort. The Phantom line and the Sing Brotherhood are sworn enemies, and have a centuries long feud, with each side often claiming the life of the head of the other, which in turn just leads to a new Phantom, or a new Singh leader arising. Daddy’s Little Villain: Sandal Singh, the current President of Bangala, and secretly the new head of the Singh Brotherhood, after the death of her father Dogai Singh, the original arch enemy of the 21st Phantom. “off”. Sense of the way the world works. Finding “normal” cute animals to be ugly, being disgusted by birdsong or flowers, finding frightening creatures to be adorable, etcetera. With the Titans scattered all over the world, Jump City is left without heroes. At the request of the main team, Titans East goes to the city and encounters Control Freak seeking the “real” Titans. Cool Sword: Remember Episode 297 494, with its parody of Star Wars and a Laser Sword with parallel blades? Control Freak either created or brought to the real world a Darth Maul Double Weapon version of it.

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