Challenge 1
Interview with 5 close people about active citizenship

1. Do they regularly vote?

She doesn’t vote because she is 17 years old, but when she turns 18, she would love to (female, 17)
She says no, because sometimes the decisions that are given are not enough for her to decide for who to vote (female, 55)
Yes (male, 52)
No, he is not old enough (male, 17)
Yes (male, 19)

2.Do they regularly complain about the Government?

She said no, because it doesn’t affects her in any way (female, 17)
No (female, 55)
No (male, 52)
He says that he complains about the government and how they do things (male, 17)
No (male, 19)

3.Do they pay taxes?

No, her parents do that (female, 17)
Yes (female, 55)
Yes (male, 52)
No, his parents do that (male, 17)
No, his parents do that (male, 19)

4.Do they recycle?

No (female, 17)
Sometimes (female, 55)
No (male, 52)
Yes, he recycles plastic and paper (male, 17)
No (male, 19)

5.Do they donate blood?

No, she is not allowed yet (female, 17)
Yes  (female, 55)
Sometimes (male, 52)
Yes (male, 17)
No (male, 19)

6.Have they ever volunteered in the community or for a cause?

Yes, she has volunteered for Red Cross (female, 17)
She donates food and stuff for people who need them (female, 55)
No (male, 52)
Yes, in Red Cross (male, 17)
Yes (male, 19)

7.Have they participated in a demonstration?

No (female, 17)
No (female, 55)
No (male, 52)
No (male, 17)
Yes (male, 19)

8.Do they consider themselves an active citizen?

Yes,  just a personally responsible citizen (female, 17)
Yes (female, 55)
Personally responsible citizen (male, 52)
Yes, personally responsible citizen (male, 17)
Yes (male, 19)


How did your interviews go?
-They went well, we were talking about active citizen and everything that was connected with the questions. I got to teach them more on what it means to be an active citizen.

Do you find that most people understand what it means to be an active citizen?
– Not really because everyone has a different point of view when it comes to active citizen, but after I showed the people who I interviewed what does that actually means, they understood it.

Did some answers surprise you? Why?

– Yes, my 17 year old friend says that he can’t wait to turn 18 years old so he can vote immediately and choose the right decision for him. I didn’t know that he was that much into voting.

Were there some interesting quotes from your interviewees that you would like to share? No there weren’t.

Challenge 2
Find yourself in the TED videos

1. What do you like about this video?

About the TED talk with  Greta Thunberg I liked how she doesn’t wait for hope for our future but she wants to take action and do something about the world by saying: Why do we have to have education if we are not going to have the world in the future.

 If we don’t take action now then our children and grandchildren will be victims and they will blame us for not doing anything.  About the second video I liked how they support young people to do something, stand up and take action for the things that bothers them.

2. Did you get some ideas for your project?

I actually got inspired to make my project better, so by involving many peers from my community we can raise the awareness of the people who live in my community.         All together, by taking action in my community, other people will for sure notice us and think about the environment and its sustainability twice.

Challenge 3
Introspective: Your good characteristics

What are some personal qualities, characteristics, virtues that you have?

First of all I am an adventurous person, I love to do and achieve as much stuff as I can handle. My friends would describe me as a tolerant, disciplined, funny and most of all, honest person. I am really determined about the things I do, I love organizing things and I try to do my best in every way. Also I’m a hardworking person and I like to get things done the best way possible.

How do you think you can use some of these characteristics to your advantage while working on your project?

One of the things that I am recognized for is that I am friendly with anyone that I meet. And thanks to that I can involve many people to participate in my project, also I do not mind their gender or age, everyone will be welcomed. The characteristics about being creative is as well one of the adjectives that describes me and may be helpful during this project. I am a positive person and positivity is one of the things that I need to make my team motivated.

Challenge 4 
Make a search plan and vision

Action plan

The name of my project is “KavInAction”.

I’m planning it to do it in 3 to 4 days if everything goes as planned.

Firstly, I’m going to invite people through social media by making groups. Secondly I’m going to make an event and I’m going to gather all the people, we are going to start with cleaning. The 2nd day, after approximately one or two weeks, we will be planting trees.  Third day is for making a figure out of the garbage (bottles,  plastic etc).

I’m trying our citizens to notice us young people, doing something for the environment.  And I’m trying to raise the awareness in this small but beautiful town.

SWOT analysis


Co-operating, having  friends that support me.


The best time of planting trees is in spring  and autumn but due to the virus I have to do that in summer and I’m afraid if the trees won’t grow.


Raising awareness, make people think about the environment twice.


Corona virus, bad weather, not getting permission

Did you have challenges or struggle with any of the tools?

It took me a while to rethink all of the goals that I have set.  It helped me to crystallize my idea even more.


The challenges seemed easy but anyway they had me to dig deep into my mind to find the perfect answer.

Discuss briefly all completed exercises (tools) and show them to your mentor.

Challenge 5
Research the SCARF model

Can the SCARF Model be applied to your project?

I think that The SCARF model can be applied to my project because it is related with it, and it can help me influence to other people.

Challenge 6
Burning bowl ceremony

These are the things that I don’t want to have and I want to leave in the past.

Challenge 7
Find or create your spiritual master

I look forward for many people in different ways. But, if I could create my spiritual master it would for sure have the strength of Simone Biles, the kindness of my grandma, the intelligence of Albert Einstein, the sense of humor of Jimmy Fallon, the optimism of my best friend and the confidence of my aunt.

Discuss briefly why, and do you think this can help you with your project or with life in general.

These characteristics can help me make my project better. They inspire me to be greater in life in general and to reach my target as well.