Let’s take a look: EVS in France by Ludivine Egounleti

Each Year in France, between 800 and 1000 volunteers leave or come to France to do EVS.  Exchanges are made with ‘partners’ countries’ and ‘on-program countries’. This year, 462 French volunteers have been sent abroad, and 305 European volunteers have been hosted in France  for long term EVS, and 142 French went abroad, as 90 people were hosted for short-terms EVS.  There are now, about 500 hosting and sending French organizations.

The cooperation’s request from ‘partners’ countries’ is becoming steady, as the projects’ requests for ‘on program countries’ are increasing. The annual budget became twice as big in ten years, and reached 36 million euro in 2006, so France has 8 million euro per year to spend for EVS projects. This amount has to be followed, because if they spend more than allowed, the State has to pay, and if they spend less, It is a loss of money. The first country hosting most of French people is Spain, with 684 young French hosted in ten years, then comes Italy with 553, and the third is Germany with 495 French hosted in ten years. The first country sending most of its volunteers to France is Germany, with 820 young sent in ten years, then Spain, and Italy, and regarding the first ten countries  exchanging the most with France,  there are only western countries, which is also because the most of  ‘program countries’ are in western Europe. The field where most of French people are involved is environmental issues, representing 25. 5 % of the projects, then social exclusion (24% ) and Arts and culture (19. 3%).  Regarding the other young Europeans, most of the projects are first concerning Arts and culture (29. 8% of the projects), then social exclusion (19. 8%), and in third, environmental issues (14. 4%). It looks like French youths are among the most worried about environmental issues in Europe, but we don’t know exactly how it goes in each European country.In 2007, eleven years after the beginning of the EVS, a new program has been set up, from 2007 to 2013, which is called “Jeunesse en action” (active youth), and EVS is the main theme of this program.  The aim of this new program is to make the management of EVS easier, and also to develop collective projects in EVS.
So it looks like It is only the beginning for the EVS program, and lots of people are still waiting to set projects up, and travel all around Europe, so… Don’t hesitate anymore!