Challenge 1: Changemaker Story

My name is Jana Oltovska, a fifteen years old girl from Skopje, Macedonia. I am a scout and I have been one for 7 years. Basically since I know about myself I loved learning new skills that we don’t normally learn in school. In my short years of being on this planet I’ve noticed that our world is not very diverse in every sense of the word, I’ve noticed that we, the people, are very selfish, we only care about what the majority needs or wants and we put aside what the minority is asking for. Because I am so young most people don’t get me seriously, so this project is the perfect way for me to express my passion and speak up. I think and hope that in the future my project will be used to help autistic people to join the world of scouting and be a part of the fun that we are having, that they can learn the same things we are learning… With all that said, my message to the world is to not ignore what younger people are saying.

Challenge 2: Interview

How I will change society: Jana Oltovska

Developing empathy for a better world

Jana Oltovska, a fifteen year old girl from Skopje is a scout already for 7 years. She noticed that people only care about what the majority needs or wants and we put aside what the minority is asking for. That’s why, she will make a project for helping autistic people to join the world of scouting.  

What kind of feelings do you get when you think about successfully finalizing the project?

– I have many feelings surrounding that thought but mostly ecstatic because it is a project that I am very passionate about. I would also say that I am feeling very grateful, hopeful and most of all determined.

What represents successfully finishing the project?

– For me successfully finishing the project represents achieving the goal I have set for myself, and implementing the finished project

Can the project be implemented outside of your country?

– Yes. The manual is mostly consisted of pictures so it can be easy translated in many languages.

What are the benefits of the manual for scout activities intended for autistic people for you as a scout, other team members, your scout leader and for the members with autism?

– I think that there are a lot of benefits such as developing empathy in me and other members, the scout leader will be more mature and improve in many ways, the autistic member will learn important life skills and socialize more and the whole team will grow mentally.

Challenge 3: Plan your presentation and messaging

Virtual meeting:

1.My key message is: “Аlways ready for everyone”

Explanation: It comes from the scout message “always ready” (learning life skills); to that message I am adding “for everyone” because I am trying to make the scout program adjustable for everyone.


First, I will introduce myself, share my passion about my project. Then I will talk about what is autism (shortly). After that I will explain the scout program and how it works. I will show how will the manual look by showing one scout activity explained with the Pecs method. I will also say that in order this manual to be used in scouts we will need to have a special training for the scout leader’s talk about contacting an organization connected to my project. And lastly say that our goal is to be the first one to make this manual for autistic people.

3.Target audience:

My target audience is the leaders of the scout groups, the office of the Scout Association of Macedonia.



Some sort of energizer that puts the audience into the shoes of the autistic people.

6.Presentation content:

The presentation mentioned in the agenda.

For the physical presentation I will use the checks from the agenda. It will be presented in the school for mentors (leaders) which is held every year, so that young leaders can learn the skills of leadership.

Challenge 5: Communicating with target audiences

The institutions that can potentially provide support to my project are:

Local policy makers

– City of Skopje (sector for education)
– Municipalities

For my project on a national level local policy makers are:

– Ministry of Labor and Social Policy
– Youth and sports agency
– Ministry of Science and Education