EVS activities: Daily Center for Roma Kids

It was quite challenging to try to control the kids since our limited vocabulary in macedonian didn´t allow us to give a lot of clear orders but as the time went by we learned the basics. Доста! We started some more challenging activities. We planted trees, made masks, wallets, photoframes. Finally we started teaching them the english alphabet and some geography. I must say that I have never seen as enthusiastic students. Sega jas, sega jas…A,B,C,D,E,Ep, G“.
For the geography we made a very, interesting map of Europe and showed them pictures from our countries which they either gasped over (lithuania) or simply found too weird (iceland). The biggest challenge was when it came to learning about Macedonia: Скопје е град, македонија е земја, кисела вода е населба. „In which country do you live?“ 10 smiling kids jump up from their seats screaming: “jas, jas“ We point one out …“ajde.“ „ehmmm…uhhh….eee….kisela voda?“ In the end I guess it was our failure for not explaining the concepts country, city and neighborhood properly. Anyway every moment with these kids is an adventure. If you want to come along and help out in the roma center just contact VCS.