VCS is organizing several activities, in order to promote the internationality, volunteerism and opportunities for young people from the city of Skopje and outside. Our local and international ESC volunteers are implementing a range of activities aimed to encourage young people to be more active, to upgrade their knowledge and of course, to have fun!

Anyone can join to our events, take part on planning and organizing them, to share ideas as well as create workshops for high schools in Skopje trough non-formal education. Be part of empowering young people!


Non-formal education workshops in high schools, topics vary from equality to enviroment, no discrimination, theatre tools, cv writing… You have an idea? Contact us!

Open Stage

Evening event at Beertija Pub where the stage is open for all performances. Live music, friends, drinks, good vibes!

Language Karaoke

Everyone knows the concept of karaoke – in this one you can hear songs from many countries – or sing by yourself and with friends. Best times to meet people and to have fun!

Pub Quiz

Classic Pub Quiz to expend your knowledge with your team, great chance to meet people and to learn something new.  Our volunteers prepare the Quiz and organize it together with Beertija Pub.

Boardgame night

With our partner American Corner Skopje, we hold board game nights where youth of all ages comes together to challenge each other in various board games!

Volunteering activities

VCS is taking part on several volunteering actions trough out the whole year, such as Wizzair Marathon and Water day. Contact us to volunteer with us! 

Cleaning actions

In VCS we want to spread knowledge about enviroment, recycling & littering. We hold cleaning actions around Kisela Voda to show the example of trashless nature.  

Activities with children

We have volunteers organizing workshops and activities for the children in “Day care centre for street children” and in elementary school for children with special needs “POU Zlatan Sremac”