Volunteers Centre Skopje is organizing a seminar for youth workers from 12 countries in Europe that is happening in Struga, Republic of Macedonia between 20 and 28th of November 2018. The seminar is a continuation of the training course that happened in Milicz, Poland at the end of September. With the same partners from Poland, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Turkey the topic that is worked on is how volunteering can help for a person to become an entrepreneur and get a job. In the focus of the seminar is the work of the youth workers in their organizations with the local and foreign volunteers like the EVS volunteers, with guests as such as some well-known entrepreneurs and founders of NGOs from Macedonia. This seminar is aiming to improve the work of the youth workers with the volunteers during their volunteering and after it. We hope that we will be able to contribute to the development and sharing of good practices and experiences that will lead to more active youth and a youth that is aware for the value of volunteering. To find out more about our activities flow us on our project FB page: https://www.facebook.com/TowardsEE-144883426456175/

This project is organized with our partner from Poland – Fundacja Mobilni Polacy and the support of Erasmus + program and the Polish National Agency