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No outrage that Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell also used

This campaign offers a depressing number of shocking examples of this blind faith immunity. Things like right wing outrage over Michele Obama wearing a sleeveless dress, but no comment on Melania Trump posing nude and starring in pornographic movies. Remember when conservatives could not trust John Kerry’s wife Teresa Heinz because she spoke French as […]

In the canon Babylon 5 story

In “The Writing on the Wall”, Roobear and Floppy dress up as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to track down the vandals who have scrawled paint all over the town hall. Pamie recalls that they have dressed up as the characters before, a reference to the episode “Detective Roobear”. The English dub did re order […]

She’s unfailingly polite to her peers

Improbably Female Cast Limit Break: Each girl can unleash their elemental powers and perform powerful attacks with their weapons (except for knives, shortswords, pistols, machine guns, and landmines). Magical Girl Warrior: Plum and Lierre. Meganekko: Limone Flaus. Peek a Bangs: Noce Marone. Small Girl, Big Gun: One of Noce’s Elemental Attacks. Replica Stella McCartney bags […]

(English) VCS in 2013: Review of Our Activities

Оваа содржина не е достапна на Македонски

Alyx and Gordon survive only due to D0G’s counterattack

Alejo came back and just when it looked things will got better, even hinting an agreement with the Resistance, he’s shot by an sniper and everything goes to hell. Alyx and Gordon survive only due to D0G’s counterattack, and the game fades to black as Alyx cries over her father’s body. They have a silver […]

The Surreal Humour and Chekhov’s Armoury of the original

Pragmatic Adaptation: As with the previous adaptation, Landis opted to create a new story using the themes of Adams’ original works. The Surreal Humour and Chekhov’s Armoury of the original stories are intact, as are several plot elements, but the mystery and the characters (except for Dirk Gently himself) are original. Replica Designer Handbags In […]

(English) NEWS in VCS

Оваа содржина не е достапна на Македонски

However, revealing this to the rest of the crew doesn’t do him

The Crusaders tell Trouble Shoes to join the clowns, but Trouble Shoes is hesitant. They insist that he’s been looking at his cutie mark the wrong way, and that his talent is for making people laugh. Trouble Shoes joins the clowns in the rodeo ring, prompting all kinds of klutziness that makes the crowd laugh […]

Walking Shirtless Scene: The male gods

Mythology Gag: The old TV series theme pops up being played by street performers in multiple movies. Walking Shirtless Scene: The male gods. Yamada would even claim to have escaped unscathed, which Maeda replied that then he wouldn’t mind to repeat such a feat in a ring, but Yamada wisely didn’t answer. Unfortunately used to […]

London and New York have apparently been devastated

There was an Australian version from 1990 to 1993 where the game was played in a similar format to the Rafferty era with two teams of two (each side gets the shorter path once, and if the match goes to one all, a tiebreaker is played on a 4 grid). Each team represented a school […]

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